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RTLing WP-Theme: WP-Creativix:

It's clearly obvious(from the 1+ year old poll) that CMS templates are the most wanted here. So today I managed to RTL a WordPress theme: WP-Creativix..

This nice and simple theme has this nice feature of changing the theme color and has a cool featured posts slider in the homepage. Plus there are two page templates for a Blog or a Portfolio Layout. All in this one free WP theme.

To RTL this theme I applied the following:

Generate the rtl.css out of the exisitng stylesheets

Don't get fooled by the small style.css , the real styles are in the style.php file(pretty smart to enable the color changing option). Also there's the images/rtl folder to include the flipped images used in the CSS

RTL the slider JS

The scripts/slider.js has been updated to support RTL and also index.php and header.php to support these changes.

Other updates

I updated some HTML related stuff in header.php and header-portfolio.php (replaced the href="/" with href="<?php echo get_settings('home'); ?>". I also added a class to the listing in tpl_portfolio.php for an evenly distributed list (3 in a row)

Disable typeface for Arabic text

I have commented out the <script> tags for the typeface library(it renders text via JavaScript instead of images) since it didn't work for Arabic characters. The <script> tags are in the header.php and header-portfolio.php files :

Now they're commented:

Download it now =)

Well, nevermind the above. Just download the theme below.

Any bugs or comments you need to share, make sure you mention them in the comments

Thanks BM for the request

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