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About RTL This

RTL -> Short for "Right-To-Left", the direction of some of the Languages in this world including the Arabic Language. It's also the value used in CSS when building a web page to specifiy the text direction of the document itself.

This -> Can be anything..

RTL This..this blog will focus on how to turn anything to be displayed in RTL. Basically the focus will be on the Web. We'll be "RTLing" Wordpress, Drupal, Blogger, Joomla or any HTML/CSS based webpage template. In addition to widgets or badges offered by some online services or anything you might want to "RTL".

This is not a service and I'm not a professional, I'm a very young web developer in the world wide web and I'll share what I know hoping that you'll do the same so we can all benefit from this learning experience.

I hope you'll enjoy it and if you have any comments just drop me a line here and i'll get back to you ASAP.