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Thank You

Can't express our happiness about the reaction we've been getting so far. Getting feedback and links to blogs that have been RTLed with the help of the tutorials posted here was just more than amazing *if you could just see the smile on my face right now*.

Special thanks to Moh'd Sahli who was very kind to send me the link to his guide[ar] he prepared during the "Code Sprint" Event which was held in May 2009 in Cairo.

The support this project received from the Arab Techies was amazing. Manal was great to send me the link to this Drupal Module "Jquery Bidi" which:

Uses Jquery to automatically set directionality attributes of HTML elements based on first strongly directional letter in the element.

I will say it again here..I look at this project as a learning experience, I thought of starting it because I couldn't find enough sources about RTL for me to learn from. So if anyone has an idea, tutorial or project you're more than welcome to join :)