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Supporting the Arabic Content in English!

I know it might be strange that this site uses English to support the Arabic content online; And I've heard lots of comments about this so let me explain!

How it all started

It all started when a friend asked me to help them with their MyBlog widget they're using in an Arabic(RTL) blog. I checked the widget creator to find that the developers didn't think of RTL websites when they built up this widget. So with small tweaks it was ready and looking great in less than an hour. The developers at MyBlog could have added the RTL support in no time if they only thought about the idea (I don't know if they did it's just a thought not what actually happened). I've also tweaked some jQuery plugins before to work with RTL websites, and sometimes I even had to write plugins from scratch because updating the plugins I found would have taken more time. All of these made me think of starting this site with one goal: supporting the RTL side of the web.

What also encouraged me even more is the number of Arabic blogs in the MENA blogesphere that use LTR themes because of the lack of beautiful and various RTL themes online. I've read as well about many initiatives to support the Arabic content online(which are all great) and I wanted jump in too!
Since I'm not a good writer myself and supporting the Arabic content IS NOT 'writing' online Arabic content, I decided to setup this site as my humble contribution to enriching the Arabic content by making it look good and more appealing in our browsers.

The Target Audience

You might think that Arabic internet users are this site's target audience, well you're not totally wrong. They are part-a big part- of the audience but not the primary target! Whom I'm basically trying to reach are:

  1. Web Developers around the world
  2. Web Designers around the world
  3. Web Developers who have published(or want to) one or more JS plugin, CSS Widget, any CMS or Blogging platform(Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla...etc) theme or any web component that can be used in any website!

YES! Around the world. I don't have the time, money or resources to RTL every single template or plugin out there (at least for now). So my goal is to encourage developers around the world to add the RTL support to their templates, plugins or whatever web application they're developing.

With each template or plugin I RTL, I make sure that the author knows about it. Some of them choose to ignore what happened and others get motivated to add the support to the original application. What the author of the jQuery plugin jCarousel did is my goal. And of course I wouldn't have achieved this result if I wrote the tutorial in Arabic. Reaching a global audience cannot be achieved with other language than English especially if the information is purely technical.

So, No Arabic?

The fact that I chose English as the main language of this site does not mean that having this site in Arabic is not possible. Translating the tutorials is at the top of my to-do list and it will happen eventually.

What do you think?

Do you think I made a mistake? Should I start writing the tutorials in Arabic as the main language? Please share your opinion in the comments' form below =)